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Award-winning, punky, and bright, Moving the Mountain uses unconventional storytelling to illustrate joy’s ability to smash our demons so we can kiss them goodbye. Abby, a charismatic storyteller, physically dismantles a symbolic mountain of lies and insecurities. The kinetic narrative travels from playful to introspective, and the mode of communication defies expectation. 


Moving the Mountain is a unique, delicate, and intimate piece of theatre; packaged like a comedy, but with the depth of a drama. 


Moving the Mountain is the winner of the Social Good Award at Tampa Fringe, the Best Voice Award at Atlanta Fringe, Honorarium Recipient at Southern Oregon Univerisity, and was funded by the 3 Arts Grant in Cincinnati, Ohio as part of the Rising Empowerment Award. 

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Southern Oregon University, Ashland, May 2022

The Story Parlour, Asheville, March 2022

Tampa Fringe Festival, Tampa, August 2021

College Conservatory of Music, Cincinnati, 2019

Ryle High School, Kentucky, 2019